Yuvraj Singh to host TV show on real-life stories of courage

6 years ago

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh is turning TV show host with 'The Unbreakables', which will narrate tales of courage shown by people in the face of a crisis.

Himself having battled a disease like cancer bravely, Yuvraj would be introducing audiences to people who have displayed true valour in case of calamity on the Nat Geo show premiering December 24.

"I have tremendous respect for people with a profound positive attitude who face dire situations head-on and emerge stronger from them. 'The Unbreakables' is a series that recounts formidable incidents, while outlining sheer strength that people exude when the going gets tough," said Yuvraj in a statement.

From being captured and held hostage by guerrilla groups while on an adventure tour, to being forced to smuggle cocaine at gun-point - the series showcases testing times and how a fighting spirit makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.

"This series is an amazing collection of nerves of steel, for which one has to keep sanity in the face of direst of adversities. 'The Unbreakables' will take viewers inside firsthand accounts of unexpected captivity, imprisonment and pure terror.

"We are very excited to have Yuvraj Singh present this series as for our country he is the epitome of life back on track," said Debarpita Banerjee, Vice President Marketing, National Geographic Network and Fox International Channels India. PTI

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