Zanjeer a perfect debut film: Ankur Bhatia

5 years ago

New Delhi: New comer Ankur Bhatia, who i making his Bollywood debut with Zanjeer, may have no dialogues in the movie but is more than happy to begin his career with the remake of Amitabh Bachchan's yesteryear hit.      Apoorva Lakhia's remake of 1973 classic will see Tollywood superstar Ram Charan playing the role of Bachchan and actress Priyanka Chopra as his lady love.     In the film, Ankur plays a right-hand man of the villain played by Prakash Raj. The actor believes Zanjeer is a perfect start to his career in Bollywood.     "I was in New York for past 2-3 years acting in independent cinema. But Indians in US don't get lead roles and I was constantly being told that my face is too Indian. Finally, I thought I should move to India and try doingsomething close to my roots.     I came to Mumbai and was exploring opportunities when I met Apporva Lakhia... He didn't offer me Zanjeer  then but after a few months offered me a small role. Although I don't have many lines, there are few crucial action sequences... One of them being with Sanjay Dutt. I thought it was a good option for getting into Bollywood. It is my first feature film and I am happy working with well known names," Ankur told PTI.     The actor recalled how he was scared about fighting against Dutt in the scene.     "I was very scared to be up against Sanjay Dutt, since he is such a senior actor. I was hoping that the action sequence doesn't happen in the beginning of the movie shoot. Thankfully it was towards the end and by then I had prepared myself for it," he said. PTI

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